The Major Fontaine R. Earle Camp

                                                                 Sons of the Confederate Veterans Camp 1453

Raymond & Arthur Anders  Family Heritage

Anders, William Martin   Pvt. - Co. H  28th Louisiana Infantry G-Great GrandPa

Anders, John Jonathan   Pvt,  -  Co. H 28th Louisiana Infantry

Anders, Taylor   Pvt  -  Co. A   28th Louisiana Infantry

Anders, George Green    Sgt  -  Co. B   12th Louisiana Infantry

Anders, Jonathan   Capt  -  Co. B    12th Louisiana Infantry

Anders, Thomas Jonathan   Pvt  -  Co. F  2nd Louisiana Infantry

Bishop, James Wilkerson Pvt. - 21st & 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry Regiment 


 Boehm  Family Heritage

Sisemore, George Washington    Sgt.  

 Co. I  16th Arkansas Infantry  -  Co. E 7th Arkansas Cavalry 

 Gegge Family Heritage

Degge, William B.  Pvt. -  Co. B  28th Virginia Battalion

Avery, John W.   Maj.   -  17th South Carolina Infantry

Patterson,  John     Lt. Col.  -  1st Tennessee Infantry 

Winn, Alexander    Cpt.   -    Co.  B  22th  Tennessee Infantry

Griffith  Family Heritage
Griffith, David Crocket     Pvt.  -  Co. I  8th Arkansas Infantry

Hodge Family Heritage

Seymore ,James Wilson -Pvt.    Co. H 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles 

 Jones Family Heritage

Wells, Francis Marion - Cpl.  Co. I  28th Battalion Georgia

Wells, Julius T.   Musician - Co.  D & A  4th Tennessee Infantry

Wells, William    Pvt.  - Co. C 12th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry

Wells, James M.    Sgt.  - Co. E  13th Tennessee Cavalry

Steele,  William M.   Pvt.  - Co. B  Holman's Battalion Partisan Rangers

Steele, John W.  Pvt. - Co. B  Holman's Battalion Partisan Rangers 

Hull Family Heritage

Hull,  Miles Oliver  Pvt.  -  Co. D  1st North Carolina Infantry

Hull, Commodore     -   Co.  B 23rd  North Carolina Infantry

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